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Module #1 
Discover what it takes to practice as a Locum Tenen Provider

You will discover what it takes to become an inpatient or outpatient locum tenen provider. This module is hosted by an outpatient and inpatient provider with over 6 years of combined experience as a locum tenen provider. We will go over the step by step process of how to get started, the interview process, how to prepare for your interview, & how to negotiate. At the end of this module, you will learn how to successfully position yourself as a Locum Tenen Provider. 

Module #2
Protect your license
Do you know that becoming a locum tenen provider is more than landing positions? You will learn how to protect yourself as an independent provider through legal documentation. You will also tap into the different types of insurance you should consider obtaining while in practice.

Module #3
You are now responsible for everything that your employer would normally cover 
Don't let this scare you! This is probably one of the most useful lectures yet and you are learning it right inside the Locum Tenen Guide! This is what most locum tenen providers lack knowledge in. As you transition from the employee to the employer it is important for you to understand that you have to cover everything that your employer  would have normally covered for you. How are you making sure this is a long lasting career path for you? Have you tapped into your finances? Are you set up to make sure you are meeting your long term financial retirement goals? At the end of this module you will have a greater understanding of how you can still become financially free without needing an employer. 

Module #4
Passive income & financial freedom 
Let's get into the fun stuff, passive income! Now that you have the freedom and the flexibility to do whatever, whenever. You might want to tap into expanding your income. This is specifically for those who are into seeking other ways to obtain money passively. Touch base with a Nurse Practitioner who has his own private practice outside of practicing as a locum. This is where we tap into being a business as a locum, as well as stocks and investments. 

Module #5
Taxes can make or break you but don't let it defer you away from crafting your dream career
You have now transitioned away from the employee space to becoming your own business. This is great news! but now you are responsible for your own taxes. This module is hosted by a CPA well versed in multi state taxes for small business owners & those who make greater than 100,000 annually (this is you). You will learn the different types of tax classification, how to pay yourself, owning a car in your business name, buying a home as a traveling provider, and more. Be prepared to take your notebook out for this one! 
Module #6
Protect your Estate 
As you are growing as a locum tenen provider/business owner, and reaching your yearly income goals you need to understand the importance of protecting your estate on a personal and business level. This module is hosted by a lawyer specialized in estate planning. You will learn about what estate planning looks like for you and your family and how to protect it on a personal and business level. It's time to build your legacy. 

Module #7
The Provider-Recruiter relationship
Have you ever thought about what goes on from a recruiter standpoint? Have your recruiters ever gone ghost on you? As a locum tenen provider, the only way to ensure that you will be lined up with a position is by working with the right recruiter. The recruiter works for you. If you haven't landed a position yet, it might just be your recruiter. This module is hosted by one of my top performing recruiters. He will go over the credentialing process, finding positions, new graduate preparation positions, and more. You will be provided with a list of recruiters to connect with upon enrollment. 

Module #8
You can't take care of people without making sure your have health is your priority
Health insurance is one of the biggest challenges as to why many potential locum providers defer away from taking the locum tenen route full time. As with your taxes, you are responsible for your health insurance--both can be scary but there is always a way that works for you as a locum tenen provider. This module is hosted by a health insurance advisor who will teach you how to go about obtaining the best insurance as a traveling health care provider. You will also learn about the different types of insurance plans available for you that may actually save you a ton on health insurance. She will connect with you to help you obtain the best health insurance plan. 

Bonus module #9
Live a flexible life through telehealth  
There's nothing better than sitting behind a computer  at home sipping your coffee or tea while seeing patients. Even better, working OVERSEAS like me! This is a module you definitely want to tap into. It is one of my favorite modules because you will not only learn how to land 1099 telehealth positions. You will also learn how to start up your own telehealth business!
Access to the Private Community 

 Here's what comes along when enrolled today

  • Profit your Practice: 
  • ​LLC formation 
  • ​1099 structuring 
  • ​ Business credit 
  • ​Tax forms 
  • ​Financial Statements 
  • Locum Companies Contact Information: Get over 50+ recruiters you can connect with today
  • ​ 1099 job listings
  • ​​W2 Locum Companies (list)
  • ​Ebony's personal recruiters  (list)
  • Locum job databases 
  • ​Negotiate like a Pro  (video & workbook)
  • ​​ Virtual Interview Tips: Find out how to successfully ace a Locum Tenen interview
  • ​Telemedicine Opportunities (job listings)
  • Credentialing Checklist (PDF)
  • ​ Best states of Practice (video)
  • California Law restriction 
  • CEU's
  • Malpractice Insurance (companies)
  • ​Finance management (video)
  • Locum Tenen monthly budgeting worksheet (excel spreadsheet)
  • One ​ FREE tax accountant consultation with Ebony's personal CPA 
  • One FREE financial advisement consultation with Ebony's personal Financial Advisor
  • ​ Health insurance consultation
  • ​ Contract review by Ebony 

LIVE guests speaking workshops inside our private community!

LIVE Monthly Q&A's with Ebony! 

Connect with Industry Experts!

and more....

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8 week course + Private Community + Mentorship

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  • ​ Access to over 10 + hours of the CORE  foundations of Locum Tenen's modules.  Each module is  pre-recorded and released every week over the course of 8 weeks. Modules are taught by Ebony Thyme  FNP-C and industry experts in the field of healthcare, accounting,  estate/financial planning, and health insurance advisement. As you go through the modules you will connect with Ebony for any questions or concerns. Ebony serves as your lifetime mentor  as you make your transition from your staff role to Locum Tenens.
  • ​ Each module will include at your own pace recap assignments to make sure you have a full understanding of what was taught. 
  • Don't want to go through 8 weeks?  No problem at all! You can opt-in for instant access to ALL course modules upon request.
  • Get instant access to the Community. Connect with great minds who think like you. Inside the Community you will have access to over 50+ locum/remote positions, LIVE quarterly workshops with guest speakers, and Ebony's LIVE monthly Q&A's sessions! 


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Lifetime access included
  • ​ Access to over 10 + hours of the CORE  foundations of Locum Tenen's modules.  Each module is  pre-recorded and released every week over the course of 8 weeks however, you will ONLY get access to the private community after the completion of the 8 week  core modules.
  • ​ Ability to pay in full at any time for immediate access to the private community. 


  • Who is The Locum Tenen Guide for? This course was originally intended for students, new grads, practicing, and Locum Tenen Nurse Practitioners of all specialties, however, The Locum Tenen Guide has become a huge attraction for CRNA's and PA's seeking the Locums Tenen's route. If you are a  CRNA or PA looking to join The Locum Tenen Guide you absolutely can!! All of the information DOES apply to you except the job listings posted for NP's inside of the community. The job market is different for NP's versus CRNA's and PA's and although Ebony does not know that market she will provide you with the databases you can check out to find positions in your market. 
  • Will this course guarantee me a job? Whether you have experience or not this course does not guarantee anyone a job. It provides you with the resources you need to learn in order to practice as an independent contractor , build wealth AND become financially free in one comprehensive guide. Locum job postings & databases will be provided for you to do your own search. Ebony will also provide you with her personal recruiters contact information. You will also connect with Ebony's lead recruiter to help you with licensing.  You will also have access to 50+ recruiters and companies you can connect with in the private community! 
  • ​ I am a student or new grad looking to join, is this course for me right now? OF COURSE! After all you do not learn this in nursing school! If you are certain that locums/1099 contracting is the route you want to take in the long run it is perfectly okay to enroll. 
  • ​​Is The Locum Tenen Guide a tax write off? Absolutely! You can write off this product even without having a business set in place yet. Keep your receipt and touch base with your CPA to let them know this product is a business expense.  
  •  ​ I am a 1099 contractor but not a locum can I still enroll? Yes! The concept of being a 1099 contractor still applies whether you are a 1099 locum contractor (receiving pay and benefits from a locum agency) or 1099  employer contractor (receiving pay through your current employer). You must still master the tools of independent contracting. This is taught within the guide. 
  • ​Will I have lifetime access to this course? Absolutely! 
  • ​Is this course refundable? No all sales are final. 
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