Get the tools and strategies YOU need to go from being a burnt out, underpaid, overworked Nurse Practitioner to crafting your dream career, generate more income, and become financially free without leaving the nursing profession

Okay, so I am going to get straight to the point because I know that you don't have any more time to waste....

I know that once you discovered about being a Traveling NP (Locum Tenen Provider) you've been doing all of the things such as google searching for more information about it. I first hand know that the information is ALL over the place (this was me three years ago so trust me when I say....I KNOW). I know that you have saved a few of my posts for your future reference. You probably started looking into contracts on your own as well but don't know if you are actually getting what you are "suppose to earn", understand the breakdown of your contract to begin with, or how to protect yourself while practicing. It is cool to be all about your coins but you have to know how to do it the right way so that you will be successful and not discouraged. If you ever want the desired results you are going to have to....

STOP doing "all of the things'
 and START doing "the right things"
Let me explain....
This may be you right now:
  •  You have spent so much time working to advance your degree, left bedside nursing, and now starting to question if nursing is for you anymore.
  • ​You may love your job but may be looking for an additional source of income, more time with your loved ones, no missed holidays, or money to fund  your healthcare business start up without using the "go broke to get rich" scheme.
  • You may already be practicing as a locum but have no real sense of direction on how to practice as one successfully. You do not understand the legal, business, or financial structure behind being a locum provider. 
  • ​ You are a new grad/student Nurse Practitioner who knows that your long term goal is to become a Traveling NP. 

 The Locum Tenen Guide

 Course Curriculum + Coaching + VIP Community (Lifetime Access)
Inside The Locum Tenen Guide, you will join other practicing nurse practitioners, student/new grad nurse practitioners, and even other locum tenen providers who like you, are ready, willing and able to make BIG changes to their careers – all you need is the “the keys to understand how to successfully do it” and that’s exactly what you’ll get when enrolling today. Now, the sweet cherry on top is this:

Upon enrollment, you will get access to one incredible, brand-new piece of content on a weekly basis for the next 8 weeks or montly basis depending on your payment plan option. This way, you will have more than enough time to absorb the info and take action even before completion of each module. As well as access to live quarterly workshops, additional virtual modules, instant access to over 50+ recruiters to connect with, tele-health and locum positions, 24/7 text service so that you can always stay in communication with me, and more....this all goes down right inside the VIP community.
So, if you 

Are struggling to figure out a possible route for you where your job does not lead to burnout,
are looking for an outlet to provide you with the flexibility & pay you desire
Are looking to advance your skills as a Nurse Practitioner 

... And are willing to ditch late nights with Google for a pocket full of
information guaranteed to put you on the fastest path to financial freedom, flexibility, and a luxury lifestyle


You’re gonna love The Locum Tenen Guide because it’s the place where you’ll receive love from other community members so you, absorb what you need to know to find positions, become a independent contractor, practice as business, and take immediate action. We only #celebrateourwins over here! The big and small ones!
Just Imagine......

Sitting down and mapping out how your year looks like as a traveling provider, no longer telling your loved ones you can't make it due to high work demands, getting paid your worth, meeting your yearly income goals, focusing on your business, and knowing the exact steps to practice the right way 

When you join The Locum Tenen Guide you’ll finally strut through the confusion of information overload. You’ll find yourself standing in the “promised land” – the beautiful place where you have the resources and inside scoop you need to finally branch off into a new part of your career. 

Doors to The Locum Tenen Guide are now OPEN

Get highly practical, easy-to-apply
guidance in a way that puts you on the
route to become a Travel NP

Now.....I want you to know that The Locum Tenen Guide is not some program you can slide into and wait for money & job positions to find you. So, if that’s what you’re looking for ... this is not the right place for you. BUT, if you’re looking for a resourceful, supportive community where you’ll receive actionable steps towards becoming a successful travel NP THE RIGHT WAY then I have a spot with your name on it inside The Locum Tenen Guide!

Oh, and plenty of ambitious bosses just like you are already enjoying the perks of The Locum Tenen Guide + VIP Community!
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